Athletics has a long history in Nepal, dating back to the 19th century with the establishment of Nepal amateur Athletics association (NAAA) in 2004 B.S. (1947 ad). During the Rana dynasty, athletics events were organized as part of Royal celebrations and military training. After the establishment of democracy in the 1950s, sports organizations were formed and various national level athletic competitions were held.

In the 1970s, Nepalese athletes started participating in international competitions and have since made a significant impact in south Asian Games, the Asian Games, and other international athletic events. Despite limited resources and facilities, Nepalese athletes have consistently proven their ability and talent in various athletic events such as track and field, marathon running, and cross-country running. Amongst the veteran runners, Gajraj Joshi, Ganga Bahadur Thapa, Bhupendra Silwal, Bhakta Bahadur Sapkota and Jit Bahadur KC were amongst the first to participate in Asian and Olympic games. The legendary Baikuntha Manandhar, a star in Nepalese athletics, is best known for winning three consecutive gold medals in South Asian games, and participating in four consecutive Olympic games from 1976-88 making him the first Nepalese athlete to win an international marathon. He went on to win several other marathons and set several national records in the process. His achievements in athletics have earned him widespread recognition and accolades, and he is considered a sporting hero in Nepal. Baikuntha Manandhar’s success has inspired many young Nepalese athletes and has helped to promote the sport of athletics In the country. His record of 2:15:03 still remains unbeaten in the south Asian Games.
Jit bahadur kc was a bronze medalist in asian track and field, marathon, in 1973. Ajit kumar yadav a
Mid-distance runner has been known for his achievements in international running events, namely
In south asian and the asian games. His major achievement is winning the gold medal for nepal at
Youth asian junior championship 2019, hongkong.
Pushpa bhandari a female athlete (winner of dhaka marathon, bangladesh 2021 and 2023) has
Consistently demonstrated her talent and ability in the sport, earning recognition and accolades
Both nationally and internationally. Likewise, santoshi shrestha is also a rising star, winning the
2019 saf games in 10,000 mtrs. Both pushpa and santoshi’s contributions to nepalese athletics have
Helped to raise the profile of women’s sports in the country and promote physical fitness and
Sportsmanship among nepalese women. Nepal also achieved an overall 3rd position in the south
Asian cross country championship 2022 in nagaland by getting 2 silver and 2 bronzes.
Today, athletics is widely popular in nepal, with several regional and national level athletic
Competitions organized by nepal athletics association (naa) being held annually. Despite the
Challenges, athletics continues to thrive in nepal, inspiring young athletes and promoting
Physical fitness and sportsmanship. The history of athletics in nepal reflects the resilience and
Determination of the nepalese people to overcome obstacles and achieve success in the sports
Arena. Our post results show that nepalese athletes have big potential in performing in the mid
And long distance events of track and field